1. General Provisions

1.1. This provision (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) determines the procedure for organizing and holding the Contest of Youth Creative Works "TECHNOGID" (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition"), its organizational and methodological support, the order of participation in the Competition and the procedure for determining the winners and laureates of the Contest.

1.2. The main objectives and tasks of the Contest are: involving young people in scientific work, stimulating creativity in independent scientific research to solve urgent problems of social development of different regions, identifying young talents and increasing the intellectual and educational level of youth, popularizing scientific researches in the youth environment , the self-realization of young people in scientific researches and in society, forming a reserve of future economists and scientists.

1.3. The organizer of the Contest is the Youth Public Organization "GID" (hereinafter - GID)

1.4. Terms of the Contest: October - December 2017.

2. The order of holding, the rules of participation in the Competition and the determination of winners and prize-winners

2.1. For the conduct of the Contest, the MOO forms the organizing committee and the jury of the Contest.

2.2. The payment for participation in the Competition is not allowed.

2.3. The working language of the Contest is Russian.

The Org. Committee:

- establishes the rules of the Contest;

- ensures the direct conduct of the entire Competition;

- approves the list of winners and prize-winners of the Contest;

- holds the awarding ceremony of the winners and prize-winners of the Contest;

- performs other functions in accordance with this Regulation.

2.4. The jury is formed from specialists in their fields.

The Jury:

- considers the results of the analysis of the submitted works prepared by the expert group;

- determines and approves the winners and prize-winners of the Contest;

- performs other functions in accordance with this Regulation.

2.5. To participate in the Competition, students of the 1-4th year of higher education are admitted.

2.6. The competition is held in 2 stages.

2.6.1. The first stage is the correspondence one.

Terms of the first stage: October 1 - November 1, 2017.

The participants of the competition submit their projects to the Org. Committee as part of the competitive application, issued in accordance with the approved requirements, indicating the category of participation and the age group. Selection of projects submitted by participants is carried out by the Expert Council on the basis of formal signs of compliance of the Application with the requirements of this provision. In case of non-compliance, the Application is returned to the participants for finalization within the established deadlines or withdrawn from the competition.

To participate in the contest, it is necessary to send a competitive application to the official mail box [email protected] , which was issued in accordance with the approved requirements.

2.6.2. The second stage is full-time.

Participants protect their projects in the form of bench defense. The Expert Council on the basis of submitted documents and reports of the authors determines the winners of the competition and, if necessary, recommends projects for finalizing their business plans.

Terms of the second stage: February 2018.

3. Financial and information support of the Competition

3.1. The financial support of the Contest is provided at the expense of the funds of the GID and the sponsors.

3.2. Information on the Competition, the order and rules of participation, the results of the Contest is placed on the official websites of the Contest organisers.

4. Conditions of the Contest

4.1. Competitors

Contest participants can be individual authors or project groups

- The project team should have 3 or less members

- All participants should study at school.

4.2. Requirements for completing registration and filing of applications and projects

4.2.1. Application processing

- The application can be submitted to the organizing committee of the contest only through the email of the contest [email protected]

- All required fields must be completed

4.3. Projects

Description of works: Projects are welcome:

- original scientific and technical solutions of a scientific and technical innovation character

- containing a plan for possible implementation

- contributing to the achievement of the objectives stated in the contest conditions

- accompanied by visual applications graphs tables and images

- assuming practical implementation

- all pages of the project must be numbered

- the work can be accompanied by the graphics of the table and other projects in the form of attachments to the text of the project

- the title page of the project should contain the title of the subject of the author's full name, authors and the name of the educational institution

4.4. All participants must submit a certificate from their place of study

4.5. Requirements for work in their assessment

- the relevance of the declared in the cockpit

- Innovation and originality of the proposed ideas

- independence in writing project work

- scientific and technical feasibility study

- practical value and the possibility of applying the developed solution

- compliance with the requirements for completing registration and filing

5. Awards of the Competition

5.1. Winners are considered participants of the Contest, which was awarded 1st place, prize-winners - participants who took 2nd and 3rd places, laureates of the considered participants of the Contest, who received an incentive award.

5.2. The number of winners and laureates is determined by the organizing committee and the jury. The Organizing Committee has the right to establish additional special prizes of the Contest participants.

5.3. The winners and laureates get diplomas for each of the categories awarded and valuable prizes.

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